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Sun, Jun 04


To Be Announced

NexGen "Transitions" College Bound

This is the 1-day "crash course" you'll wish you had before starting college! Help set your son/daughter up for a successful transitional to college with this exciting, one-of-a-kind, workshop to send them off on the right foot!

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NexGen "Transitions" College Bound

Time & Location

Jun 04, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT

To Be Announced

About the Event

I'm sure both you and your high school senior are brimming with excitement for graduation, decorating dorm rooms, and shopping for books, but if your student isn't careful, they can fall into bad habits once they're surrounded by new people who don't neccessarily share your family's values as it relates to money, study habits, and personal conduct.

As always, responsible financial decisionmaking will be the foundation of the course, but we will also focus on critical topics such as responsible social media practices, time management, dating (Yes...we're going THERE!), and a host of other hyper-relevant topics that will help you sleep better knowing someone is reinforcing your home training, as well as giving them guidance on important topics that you may not know much about.

This is going to be a fun, super-informative, and memorable workshop that will help launch your child's college experience and put them on the path to success!


  1.  Credit Cards & Debt Management | like winter, the credit card companies are coming - be prepared; we'll cover how to avoid the credit card debt trap, how to (responsibly) establish personal credit, and how to leverage "good debt" to your advantage
  2. Spending & Budgeting | How to live your best ("broke") life while you're in college 
  3. Time Management | Effective time management will make or break your GPA and your entire college experience; we'll walk through strategies to show you how to manage your time in a responsible way that prioritizes classes, study time, and assignments, while also leaving time for friends, sleeping, fun, and self-care
  4. Social Media Reputation | the stakes are high; don't let the wrong social media post damage your college experience, get you kicked out of school, or limit future professional opportunities
  5. Internships | how to position yourself for internships during your freshman year, and beyond
  6. "Atomic Habits" for the College student | establishing daily practices that will help your grades, your social life, and your finances
  7.  Dating & Consent (Cringe!) | With Mom & Dad not around to look over your shoulder, you are now responsible for making important decisions around dating & physical intimacy; one bad decision can alter the course of your life; let's talk about what "good" decisions looks like and how to avoid slippery slopes
  8. College Parties: it's tempting to try things that have usually been off limits now that you're 18 and your parents aren't around, but in college you have to make split second decisions that could change your life forever - we'll discuss how to set limits and boundaries for situations where common sense can sometimes go out the window
  9. Know Your Rights: We'll cover what your rights are as a young adult (18+), how you should conduct yourself, and what you should say/do if you're ever confronted by police (campus or municipal) when your parents aren't around
  10. LinkedIn | What is it? How should you use it as a college student? And why you should care?
  11. ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence Disruption | How ChatGPT & AI will disrupt your entire college experience and influence what majors you should be considering right now   





  • NexGen "Transitions"


    Full day college prep workshop






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